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Our specialists are experts in the field of Orthotics and Prosthetics. Have Joint pain?  Need inserts or braces to help walk? Correction of body posture? Amputated Limbs? We are here for you.

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Prosthetic For Lower/Upper Extremities

Individually designed for your needs. Using the latest technology, our prosthetics will allow you to function at your best.

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Custom Made Braces For Back Lower/Upper Extremities

Individually designed to provide support, correct deformities, and decrease pain to allow you to perform your every-day activities according to your needs

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Our professionally educated staff adjust braces to fit for your comfort.

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Individually designed for your needs. Our inserts support and both correct and prevent foot deformities. This decreases pain in the back and lower extremities.

Have pain in your neck, back, arm, leg . Your old supportive device is not working/malfunctioning. 


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We are located in central Queens, providing service in the tristate area. We specialize in custom braces, orthotics and prosthetics for both upper and lower limbs. We serve both the adult and pediatric population and accept most private insurances and Medicare. For your comfort, we can provide an evaluation and adjustments on-site.

Why Choose Our Services


Our staff has more than 30 years of experience in the field with backgrounds in engineering, occupational therapy, and orthotic & Prosthetic device design.

Personal Care

Our patient-centered approach accommodates people of all walks of life and needs.


We fuse both established, proven methods and newer technologies such as digital scanning, 3-D printing, microprocessor enhanced orthotics & prosthetics, and have direct contracts with leading manufactures in the field.

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