Custom made orthotics

Inserts to support and correct foot, and prevent foot deformities, pain in lower extremities, and back

How do custom foot orthotics  help?

Custom orthotics provide cushioning and support as they redistribute the pressure your feet experience with everyday activities. This is very helpful if you have arthritis or you stand for significant periods during a workday. Orthotics also help prevent pressure ulcers and other foot abnormalities related to diabetes.


How we make your custom foot orthotics?

Our practitioner make impression of you foot , and our technicians make custom mold, and make custom foot orthotics as you doctor prescribed


How do you know if you need orthotics?

 If you experience pain in your knees, lower back or hips, custom orthotics can mitigate it. Those with musculoskeletal conditions like plantar fasciitis, bunions, rheumatoid arthritis or Achilles tendonitis (to name a few) often find that orthotics help mitigate pain as well.


Can orthotics help back pain?

Foot orthotics help patients with back pain because they help realign how the feet articulate themselves on the ground, which in turn can affect the body’s entire overall posture and gait

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