Prosthetic legs

* Hip disarticulation prosthesis
* Trans-femoral prosthesis/above knee prosthesis
* Trans-tibial prosthesis/below knee prosthesis
* Symes /partial foot

We are making custom socket to fit your stump,
we provide prosthetic liners socks, and shrinkers
frames/prosthetic knee/foot mechanical and with electronic chip
various suspension system including suction, vacuum, pin
our stuff certified in microprocessor knee and foot

Prosthetic arms

Shoulder disarticulation prosthesis
trans-humeral prosthesis/above elbow prosthesis
trans-radial prosthesis/below elbow prosthesis
wrist disarticulation prosthesis
finger prosthesis
our stuff certified on myo-electrical prosthesis for arms

Prosthetic Solutions

We offer a complete range of prosthetic products & limb-loss solutions including the following:

  • Prosthetic for lower/upper extremities

Replace missing part of upper and lower extremities(foot, leg, arm, hand, fingers)

Prosthetic Photo Gallery